Dan Evans (lasthalfmile) wrote,
Dan Evans

OOM: Mexico

The saloon they walk into from the Bar isn't really a surprise, not when Dan knows Ben's tastes in both liquor and women. What's more surprising to Dan is the fact that stepping out of the door actually results in his feet touching the ground somewhere just south of the border of Arizona, in Mexico. He's actually here. Physically.

He's dead.

This should not be possible.

Ben is walking in front of him, and Dan holds his hat tucked under his arm. The clothes he got from the Bar feel strange, but they work. He changed the white shirt for a black one at the last minute -- after all, if he is going to look like part of Ben Wade's newest outfit, he might as well really look the part.

What Dan hasn't realized, however, is the fact that in stepping through the door, something else has changed. His facial hair is gone, and his hair is shorter than he kept it when he was alive. Bar apparently felt just a clothes wouldn't do.

One hand brushes out against a wooden pylon as he walks past, and when his fingers don't sink through it, he lets the barest hint of a smile sneak onto his face for a second, before it's gone.

"Didn't think this was actually gonna work."
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