Dan Evans (lasthalfmile) wrote,
Dan Evans

OOM: Bisbee

Sleeping on the ground is an experience in itself that Dan finds he's missed. The stiffness in his neck, the chill in his bones, the fine layer of dust and ash that ends up covering his clothes and bare skin is all proof that he's actually here, in the flesh.

So to speak.

The desert is quiet at sunrise, and Dan's already up. The horses are fed and the fire is stoked just enough to last them an hour or two while they get ready. Once Ben is up, it doesn't take long for him to eat and pack up their things, saddle up the horses.

"Don't think it'll be quite as hot today."

Plus, Bisbee is up in a canyon, almost a mile high. The air is cooler up there so the sweat shouldn't be quite so bad, especially with the early start to cover the last bit of distance before they make it into town. After last night's conversation, Dan finds himself thinking about this entire trip.

He's actually going to his own funeral.

He's quieter than he was yesterday, as they get ready to head out.
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